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2020 Yangtze University Scholarship

Yangtze University is able to provide excellent students with first year scholarships(tuition fee free and accommodation fee free) for programs of bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree and Chinese language in 2020 fall semester. Outstanding students, teachers and scholars from all over the world, especially for countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative, are welcome to undertake studies and research in Yangtze University.

PS: YU will evaluate all scholarship students' performance in the first year, which are based on students' comprehensive performance, including the results of final exams, students' involvement in campus activities, daily behaviors and so on. YU will provide scholarship excellent students from the second year.



Doctoral Degree Programs(3 years)

090101★作物栽培学与耕作学             Crop Cultivation and Farming System

090102★作物遗传育种                        Crop Genetics and Breeding


082001★油气井工程                           Oil and Gas Well Engineering

082002★油气田开发工程                   Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

082003★油气储运工程                       Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

0820Z1★油气田应用化学                   Oil and Gas Exploration Technology


081801★矿产普查与勘探                   Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration

081803★地质工程                              Geological Engineering


Bachelor's Degree Program

International Economy and Trade

Petroleum Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Chinese language(1 year)


College of International Education

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