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2017 Summer ISSA Cricket Tournament

2017 Summer ISSA Cricket Tournament was organized by International Students Sports Association under the supervision of International Students Office at East Campus of Yangtze University from 29th July till 8th August 2017.

8 teams took part in the event and were drawn into two groups. After group matches top two teams from each group qualified for the playoffs.After two qualifiers and one eliminator matches, MBBS Fall 2013 and MBBS Spring 2013 reached the Final and played a well contested low scoring game. Batting first, MBBS Spring 2013 could only manage 61 runs from their 10 overs losing 8 wickets. MBBS Fall 2013 chased the target in 8 overs losing just 5 wickets. Ehsan Hanif was awarded Man of the Match of the Final with bowling figures [3-16 (2)]. Raza Abu Turab was declared as the Best Umpire of the tournament. Imran Jamro was the Best Bowler taking 14 wickets throughout the tournament while Adnan Tunio was unanimously declared as the Player of the Tournament making 218 runs and taking 11 wickets in the tournament. Anees Arain lifted the Runners up trophy for MBBS Spring 2013 while the winning captain Imran Jamro lifted the winning trophy for MBBS Fall 2013. Members from International Students Office attended the closing ceremony and handed out the Medals and trophies to both the finalist teams.

It was another well organized and a successful event by ISSA lead by Samad Rizvi who was well supported by M.Arsalan, Muneel Ali, Malik Assad, Faizan and the Deputy Chairman ISSA Atiqa Rizwan.

Report by: Samad Ali Rizvi


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Date: 2017-08-09 18:12:32