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The First International Students Cultural Exchange Display

The first international students cultural exchange display has been hosted in the buzz of singing and laughter by our university on October 21th, 10am, and nearly 400 students from 13 countries and regions showed the ethnic culture with different characteristics on the Hanke playground of east campus in Yangtze University.

The activity forms of the international students’ cultural display included the cultural displays of various countries and the special art show. The international students intensively displayed cultural works of art, books, costumes and musical instruments with the distinctive national features. Dressing in special costume of various countries and various ethnic groups, they filled their booths with exotic food, hanged decorations, posters, postcards and so on. The Pakistan national costume show and traditional dance named Sindhi is an eye opener to Chinese students. Jordanian students performed their traditional dance of Dabka, catching so many eyes immediately with handsome movement. The group dance of Indonesia also won students' continuous applause. At the same time, students could not help screaming at the dynamic and energetic African dance. The little dance prince Sagar and Abhinav from Nepal refused to be overdone and started the dance battle with African students, winning unceasing acclamation. The unique Tibetan dance also made the students itch to try.The site of activity soon turned into a sea of joy.

The international cultural display attracted nearly 1,000 domestic and international students. Ms Heng Yanlin, the deputy of International Exchange & Cooperation, also came to the cultural display. Nepali postgraduate students, Shweta and Joyti stuck the red Tika filled with blessings on Ms Heng Yanlin. Jordan students warmly invited Ms Heng Yanlin to taste food and get to know their culture. Ms Heng Yanlin readily agreed and experienced the strong exotica.

It is understood that more than 1000 international students are studying in Yangtze University, which are respectively from 34 countries and regions including Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, Canada, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand,Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Angola, Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Gabon and son on.. After returning to their own countries, a multitude of foreign schoolmates will become the backbone force in their country's politics, economy, culture, social construction and other fields.

(Reporter Amanda, Photographer: Abid Aziz)


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Date: 2017-12-29 15:46:57